"Sorry, Ari" is a 16-episode comedy digital series that follows Ari, a positive guy with the worst luck in the world.  It was selected as One of the Best Web Series by IndieWire and Won Breakout Series at GlowFest.


Watch the episodes in any order!

When a girl drops her wallet, Ari goes on an epic New York Adventure to return it.  The newest episode is a tribute to the timeless magic of New York City and the relentless ups and downs you can go through in a single day there.

"Hamilton" the Hit Musical has taken over Los Angeles and Ari is dying to get tickets.  How far will he go to see his dream show?

In a break from the standard tone of the series, things shift for Ari when his newly single ex-girlfriend Maya comes into town for a night of romance. 

When Ari is visited by creatures in the night, he must figure out the source of what's eating holes through all of his things.  Told through mixed media of original illustrations, stop motion, and "Drunk History"-style narration, RATS! is a hilarious episode for anyone familiar with their home being taken over by unwanted infestations.

Ari's first date with Claire is going really well.  In an effort to be spontaneous, they have stumbled into the home of Oriana the Psychic.

After a never-ending Summer of Weddings, Ari finds himself jaded, exhausted, and at another wedding.  Unexpectedly, he meets Kate, someone he finally connects with...if only she didn't hate weddings even more than him.

November 8th. Election Day.  It's time for Ari to make the most important decision of his life - the fate of the world is at stake!

Ari's long awaited date has finally arrived with some unexpected company: a nasty cold.  Filmed in silent black & white style with a sweeping original score.

Tinder dates rarely go so well but Ari and Sarah seem to be hitting it off, until one of Sarah's pet peeves sends the night in another direction.

On a visit to the museum, Ari is caught in a heated debate he didn't ask for with a group of strangers - over and over and over again...

Karen and Steve adore their little baby girl.

Ari, on the other hand, not so much.

Some dates end perfectly - what better way to celebrate than with a little motivational dancing and singing?

Ari is on Safari in Africa!  Distracted by his favorite animals, he is unaware that his travel guide may not have his best interests at heart.

Jenny's boyfriend is on his way to the bar and Ari can't begin to remember his name, even though he apparently remembers Ari very well.  Ricky, of course, has no interest in helping.

Richard and Marcus have no shame when it comes to cat calling at guys they like.

Why shouldn't Ari get a chance to try it too?

It's BBQ time and Karen's friends are here.  Filmed in a single shot, the episode features all of your favorite characters getting Ari into trouble in an epic game of telephone.